Elevate your meetings

Whenever Paul takes the podium, he unfailingly delivers exceptional content that aligns seamlessly with your conference theme. As a meeting planner, you understand the importance of not leaving anything to chance when it comes to your audience, event, and the invaluable shared moments. That's why you need a speaker who can consistently create an amazing experience, time after time.

By partnering with Paul Robinson, you will enhance the success of your entire meeting. His ability to consistently hit the mark is unparalleled, ensuring that your event reaches new heights of excellence.

Our Approach to Work

Standard Keynotes Include:

A pre-engagement Call
30-90 minute live session
An unlimited number of seats
An optional Q&A at the end


The first step in our process is to actively listen and gain a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by your team or organization. This allows us to develop the most effective and tailored solution that meets your specific needs. Once you confirm Paul as your speaker, we will schedule a client call to further understand your meeting goals.


We believe in providing a comprehensive and customized plan that caters to your business needs. Through in-depth assessments, we gather the necessary information to craft a carefully designed approach to your organization's development. Messages and session constructs are specifically tailored to your requirements, ensuring a precise fit.


Each talk is meticulously customized to meet your specific needs and objectives. Paul's keynotes are dynamic, interactive, and packed with actionable insights. We go beyond inspiration by equipping attendees with practical tools to transform these messages into tangible actions. Our commitment extends beyond just delivering a memorable experience; we also continuously evaluate our effectiveness through the lens of your organizational growth. For longer sessions exceeding two hours, participants will receive workbooks to facilitate further engagement and learning.

Engaging Paul: When and How


When it comes to strategic off-site leadership meetings, Paul is the ideal choice. He brings valuable external perspectives to your big picture topics or themes, helping your team align with the strategic vision and goals of your organization.


For your annual meetings, Paul can reinforce the key messages of your meeting theme, ensuring everyone on the team is on the same page and ready to propel the organization forward.


When planning your annual kick-off sessions, consider having Paul onboard. His presence will create clarity and focus on performance goals, instilling confidence in your team with a reassuring message that together, everyone can achieve miracles.


To clarify your vision and purpose among your business associates, invite Paul to share his insights. His presence will help your associates buy into the dreams and aspirations your organization is striving to achieve.


Prepare your sales team for greater success by engaging Paul. He will help them soar higher with Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs), while instilling the confidence and skills needed to navigate unfamiliar territories.


Consider planning a dedicated learning event for your team, aimed at building solid skills. Paul's intensive workshops are designed to facilitate real changes in participants. By engaging Paul, you can develop your leaders, improve employee retention, and enhance overall performance, leading to a stronger bottom line.