Your employees are your #1 Appreciating Asset

‘All people are not assets in your organization, only the right people are’ says Jim Collins in his book ‘Good to Great’. The right people are always a growing asset to your business.

To grow your business, first you must grow your people; it is mutual and interconnected. Employee’s growth in emotional well-being, skill building and work related competencies are contributing factors to make them indispensable. It’s only when people grow, they can contribute. Expecting more contribution from an incompetent employee is futile. Growth driven companies make their people competent through training, workshops and providing better exposure through seminars and expositions. As a result people get motivated. When management contributes towards an employee self development, employee in turn contributes towards organizational growth. This will increase the morale and productivity. Mediocre companies cut down budgets for training and development, while growing organizations value its importance.

Growing companies work on building the emotional equity of their people.

Emotional equity creates an alignment of employees with their company and goals. People with ‘emotional equity’ synchronize in execution and work in unison with their team towards a common goal. Being activity oriented, will help you finish your 8 hours, but result oriented will help you to deliver the desired outcome. Purpose driven people are zealous and passionate. They see themselves fitting into a larger frame; it’s bigger than their personal motives. Being validated and recognized gives a ‘sense of pride’. Knowledge workers see themselves as brands when they network with successful and influential people; they are the thought leaders not just by designation, but also influencers both inside and outside your firm.

Engaged employees are your company’s emotional transmitters. They pass on their positive impressions about their employer to the customers that they interact with on a daily basis. Remember a motivated work force is a powerhouse of productivity.

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