Why PAIN! is a great motivator for CHANGE?

One of the major reasons why many people are not successful is, the lack of motivation. We lack motivation to do something when we have no reason to do it. The ‘why’ behind what we do is the motivation to do it. If you get a big enough ‘why’, you can get away with any ‘how’. It’s always the reasons come first and answers come second. We need to have solid and enough reasons to achieve almost anything. When purpose is lost, we are just nomads or vagabonds.

Think about this for instance, when we have enough reasons to have our basic necessities in life, like food, clothing and shelter, we have them. People who do not enjoy luxury may not have enough reasons for having those luxuries. The key is this. People who enjoy all the luxuries have enough reasons to have them on the first place. For them it is like having the basic necessity. When something becomes a ‘must have,’ you will surely have them. Reasons give you a sense of urgency, it helps you to prioritize your actions and the motivation to go after some thing.  How can you find reasons to do something? Everyday reasons are presented to us in many forms.

One of the biggest motivator is Pain. Pain is a great motivator and indeed it’s very useful. According to NLP, we do everything in life to avoid pain and to achieve pleasure. Pain gives you the drive to change. Pain leads you to take decisions. If you can examine and recall all those incidents when you have made a decision, you will understand that, most of the time it is done to avoid pain. Pain creates the disturbance within us; in order to achieve a mental equilibrium. Remember every decision is a new course of action, a new path for further exploration.

People became millionaires to avoid the pain of poverty; or achieve popularity to avoid the pain of loneliness. We do more things in life out of pure desperation than inspiration. Pain gives us the hunger to seek out and satisfy those primal needs.

Pain should not become your comfort zone; it should always be treated as a discomfort and only then it can help you to change. Pain should help us to introspect; it helps us to realize what is that we want in life.Don’t suppress this frustration with easy intoxications, which will blur your mind and blind your thoughts. The cultural hypnosis of reducing pain instantly through immediate gratification has taken away lot of human motivation to achieve anything. Remember this ‘whenever you start making short-term decisions to avoid pain in the present moment, you create pain in the long term.

What happens to most people after getting what they want is they get comfortable and lose their drive for more. In fact small success in life can become a major impediment to your future successes. Personal growth experts say that the biggest challenge to success is success itself. Many people get comfortable with their previous success. Success in any area can quickly breed complacency and a reluctance to change in response to the new realities created by change. You need pain. You need to stay hungry. You need your mojo to go after challenges. If you are free of pain, you are gutless.

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