Why companies should act like a media house?

Red Bull is successful in making a new category in energy drink. The company has been widely successful even after so many of its competitors tried to invade its space. How does Red Bull keep its brand dominance?

Red Bull has truly transformed itself to a media company that happens to sell soft drinks. At the center of Red Bull’s storytelling universe is a group called Red Bull Media House, which is also made it to Fast Company’s ‘Most Innovative Companies List for 2012.’

Red Bull has built up its YouTube presence by creating a number of dedicated channels to showcase extreme stunts and music events. It now has more than 4 million YouTube subscribers.

Can a bank act like a media company? Sure they can. Jyske Bank in Denmark has a media division called Jyskebank.tv, which covers both amazing financial programming as well as compelling stories. The bank believes in sharing content that are relevant for its core audience of younger consumers and small enterprises.

Find authentic stories, which will engage your customers emotionally. It could be customer reviews or expertise showcased at your organization in any area where in which you have solved customer problems and help them achieve their goals or even the culture that you follow. Most of the time your stories need not be connected to your industry; instead develop stories from various other fields, like short films, real incidents, which will bring in a new set of audience. These stories can also embody your brand personality.

Use the right digital mediums to tell your stories. Let every story that you tell emphasize on a message. Be consistent with your publishing.

Several reputed companies are now developing a media division, as a strategic arm to promote their brands. If you are a small business and if you want to build your brand with authentic brand content, take the help of experts to write great stories around your brand. By constantly communicating with your audience, you will be attracting new customers and sustaining the old ones. By telling engaging stories and by providing useful tips, your brand can prove your business expertise and competence in the market place. Everyone has a story to tell and it’s the stories that bind people with their loved brands.

How do you choose to tell your story?

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