What is ‘Experience Fixation’ and how it can hamper your growth?

We can get wiser by experience but on the other hand we can get fixated on something while negating the usefulness of anything new. Experience Fixation is fundamentally getting fixated on to something that is old and familiar, and choosing to dislike other things that are not in accordance with their previous liking.

For example, we get fixated with the music we liked and the movies we have grown up with. Over a period of time those genre become something like a fixation of choice keeping a deaf ear and blind eyes to enjoying anything new. As we grow older we become less and less open to new things.

While many people love the comfort of having familiar ground underfoot. They will say, “I only listen to the songs of (some popular artists from a certain period) and all these new singers sound horrible and what they do is not music at all”. Experience fixation can make us take a rigid stand on something while disapproving all other alternatives whether it is fashion, food or any ideas. This completely diminishes our true happiness as human evolution is a default nature.

So how can we overcome the perils of experience fixation?

Open mind and curiosity gives us the power to redefine the world around us. Obviously the world is changing around us and if we are willing to let go of the nostalgia – let go of everything that’s holding you from exploring; then we can embrace the new with an open heart.

One of the best way to reinvent oneself is to make sure that you fill in the gap between your generation and the current one; staying connected with the younger generation always helps you to keep your zeal higher and inquisitiveness alive. The best way to do that is by keeping in pace with technology, fashion and entertainment. You need to be open to new experiences, new music, new television shows, new actors and new trends. When you grow with the youngsters, you learn through their learning process. This not only makes you flexible, but also the new trends with your experience and insights will open a whole new world of possibilities.

Never feel completely satisfied with your current success; let the happiness through your success seep in and at the same always have a void for better experience or higher levels of satisfaction. A very apt thought for this situation is quoted by Andre Gide – “Man cannot discover new oceans until he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

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