April 9, 2019 By Editorial Team 0

What is Education Based Relationship Selling?

The world of selling is going through major changes. Today customers have numerous options to choose from a highly competitive market.  People close the doors to the pushy sales person. The aggressiveness and being ‘pushy’ is discouraged. ‘Go givers’ sell more than ‘go getters.’

There is a new way to look at sales.Sales people’s real job is no more to sell but to help customers make the right decisions to buy. The new key words in selling are ‘educating your customer’ to be a smart shopper and then work on building ‘relationship’.

‘Education based relationship selling’ is the process of educating your customers first, so that the value they’re receiving against the money they spend. During this process you make your prospects smarter by giving them valuable information about the products and services you offer. This will in turn build trust and credibility. The education process in itself is the selling process; make your offer superior to the competition by explaining key and critical information that makes your offering superior.

Now put yourself in the customer’s shoes. What would you rather have, a business owner ‘SELLING’ you something, or a one that EDUCATES you about their product or service? As a sales person you are educating your prospect to make better buying decisions. Here, you give prospects what they want… information and advice. In this process, you remove what they don’t want, which is a sales pitch. You establish yourself as a business expert because prospects view you as a provider of insight over information.  You take up the role of a consultant by empowering your prospect’s decision-making process.

This sales process is to turn a stranger into a friend and turn that friend into a customer.People don’t buy from companies; they buy from people, and especially from people they trust the most.  If you want to breathe ‘the education based relationship selling’ in your company, help your sales people to walk into the customer’s shoes. Ultimately your prospect will buy for their reasons and not yours.

Here is the ultimate formula for sales. If you want to be successful in the world of sales, stop selling! You don’t need to convince the prospect to do business with you; they must be convinced with the fact that ‘you are the person they prefer to buy from.’ Prospects and customers don’t just buy the products and services they need, they buy a relationship with someone that they know is taking care of their best interest.

‘Education based relationship selling’ is all about building friendship or relationship with your prospects and listening to their needs and concerns. Once you’ve built that relationship and earned their trust, you are already on the procees of getting a new customer. Knowing the needs and finding the secret fears of your prospect will help you design the best solutions for them. With a relationship in place, working out details becomes a friendly process. Those details can become sales objections if you don’t have the existing relationship. Why not build customers for life! Go out and make some friends and then make some sales.

Paul Robinson is India's leading Keynote Speaker and Business Strategist. To learn more about Paul please visit www.paulrobinson.in