Top five books on innovation

This is the age of creativity and innovation. Almost every business book that came out in this millennium has some implication of creativity and innovation.

Those who seek to understand the topic of innovation, we suggest you the following five must reads.

On number five on our list is ‘the whole new mind’ by Daniel H. Pink. This will set the tone and urgency on why you should be thinking about creativity and innovation. The book says that ‘the future belongs to a different kind of person with a different kind of mind: artists, inventors, storytellers-creative and holistic “right-brain” thinkers whose abilities mark the fault line between who gets ahead and who doesn’t.

On number four, we have ‘the little black book on innovation’ by Scott D Anthony. In this book the author presents a simple definition of innovation, breaks down the essential differences between types of innovation, and illuminates innovation’s vital role in organizational success and personal growth.

Moreover the book also provides a powerful 28-day program for mastering innovation’s key steps: like Finding insight, Generating ideas, Building businesses and Strengthening innovation prowess in your workforce and organization.

On number three on the list there is ‘Big bang Disruption’  by Larry Downes and Paul Nunes. This book helps you understand innovation in the time of big technological disruptions and change and present strategies to stay relevant. The book also provides four key stages of the new innovation life cycle, helping you spot potential disruptors in time. And they offer twelve rules for defending your markets, launching disruptors of your own, and getting out while there’s still time. 

On number two, its Steven Johnson’s ‘where good ideas come from’ which delves in to the natural history of innovation.  By breaking it down into 7 patterns: the adjacent possible, liquid networks, the slow hunch, serendipity, error, exaptation and platforms; the books gives creative tools for innovating effectively. The book argues that innovation comes not from geniuses acting alone but from accumulated knowledge, constructive errors, and the “information spillover” that emerges from collaborative settings, environments that he often compares to coral reefs and modern cities. 

On top of the list it’s the classic work on disruptive innovation: Clayton Christenson’s ‘innovators dilemma’. This might be one of the most profound and useful business books ever written about innovation. The book explains the difference between sustainable & disruptive innovation as a new view on practicing innovation.

What’s your take on the best books on creativity and innovation? Please leave your comments below.

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