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Stress Free Productivity

Lets assume that your team or company might be on top of the game. They just don’t meet targets, but sometimes they even exceed their target. All this makes it even tougher to ask or push for more. You also know that its very important to keep the motivation going, otherwise the team will fall back on a comfort zone and tend to decline in performance thereafter. In a numbers-driven world,how do you ask for more when people are already giving consistent results?

Well all demands begin with the leader. When a leader can demand more from him self or her self, they can demand more from others as well. The energy of leaders is, for better or worse, contagious and leaders know that motivation is more important when people are doing better and you do so because you know for a fact they are better than what they think they are. When you deeply believe in your people’s talent and competence, you realize that their potential can be optimized. We all think we are doing our best but in most cases we are not optimizing all our internal resources like knowledge, skill sets or contacts etc. There is always room for improvement.

You will also set a bigger goal, your moon shot, which is a bigger target that is not so easy to achieve. It requires stretching and growing. Setting a small goal does not excite people. Big goals do excite people. It makes people think big and optimize their resources. You need to set goals that is nearly impossible but not impossible. Its also important to remind your people that exponential growth is required for sustainability because we are living in times of exponential growth that thwarts old linear growth trajectory.

To remain number one in your industry is a bigger challenge, because the rest of the market players will gang up to compete with you. Tell your team that “we may be number one, but the truth is that number two will always strive harder and work harder to beat us in our game”.

If you are in sales, you can also remind your team that your 80% results are coming from 20% of people. There need to be more accountability from the 80% of the team and if you are able to achieve that, the business volume can get bigger.

If your team is still not driven to achieve more, define your organizational purpose for dominance in your industry and why you are striving for that goal. Tell them it’s a defining moment in your industry, because the market is volatile and if you don’t use the full opportunity presented, you may not even get a second chance to win this game.

Empowerment is the key to push for more.

When your team is empowered with a binding purpose, clear team goals and adequate support and skill sets to achieve those goals, they are driven to achieve them together.

When leaders create a safe and supportive environment, individuals tend to feel more connected to their leader. They perform at a higher level, and experience less stress at work.

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