Market to the millennials through Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most simple and effective ways to target the millennials and Gen Z on social media. The millennials are increasingly resistant to corporate rhetoric and biased advertising. They use social media to give and get recommendations, and they are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat regularly. They follow and model a lot of social media influencers and their recommendations are taken seriously. When an influencer promotes a brand, it doesn’t usually feel like an ad, it feels more like a trusted friend recommending a product if done thoughtfully.

There are few things to consider while marketing to the millennials

Millennials live in a socially networked environment

The millennial generation was the first to grow up with technology at their fingertips.

Millennials follow a sharing culture

According to AdAge, Millennials are spending an average of 25 hours per week online – and they’re craving content-driven media. They trust relevant, authentic opinions from real product users they can relate to. They are also the noisy ones on the social media. When a millennial has had a good or bad experience with you, they spread through their social media platforms.

Millennials don’t like to be sold to

A 2014 survey, Engaging Millennials: Trust and Attention Survey, reveals that 84 percent of Millennials don’t trust traditional advertising. They value authenticity over everything else. They’re more likely to listen to a fellow consumer, as opposed to a piece of promotional copy. The older generation looked into products features and benefits but the millennials also want to know the ‘why’ – the purpose that drives an enterprise.

Millennials like mobile friendly social content

They are the mobile generation and 85 percent of millennials own a smart phone. According to Google, 64 percent of millennials book a hotel stay after searching for a room on their mobile device. In the majority of travelers over the age of 35, 58 % do not book on mobile.

Millennials favor instant gratification

Offer them fast solutions. Sixty-six percent of millennials follow a company or brand on Twitter, and 64 percent like a company or brand on Facebook with the sole purpose of getting a coupon or discount. Something that millennials have mastered is the way to cut costs in this economically-driven time

Be authentic

Authenticity is the key to connect with millenials. The content has to be real. If it looks like an ad, it will be skipped over faster or ignored completely.

The idea of ‘social proof’ drives their consumer choices.

The more consumers and users millennials see engaging with your brand, the better they’ll think of you. Moreover the vast majority of millennials trust their friends, family members, and even most strangers over what a corporation or brand would tell them.

If you want to market to the millennials, speak their language and be present where they mostly hang out. And most importantly if you want to sell something to them use the same influencers who are already influencing them.

There are many ways to spot an influencer for your next campaign. is a popular influencer marketing collaboration platform with a growing list of 12,000 plus global influencers. The platform helps brands to connect with social influencers to create stories that attract the attention of their already engaged followers.

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