How to motivate your sales team?

How to push your employees for more without stressing them out much?
Paul Robinson on how to motivate your sales team

Lets assume that your team or company might be on top of the game. Your team is achieving targets every year. Sometime they exceed target expectations. As their ales manager you are hesitant to ask your team for more because they are already performing well. At the same time, you also know that it’s very crucial to keep the motivation going. Otherwise the team will fall back on a comfort zone and tend to decline in performance thereafter.

You have a big challenge at hand. You need to push your employees for more this year and in turn you shouldn’t be stressing them out with your demands. In a numbers-driven world, how do you ask for more when people are already giving consistent results?

All demands begin with the leader. When a leader can demand more from him self or her self, they can demand more from others as well. The energy of leaders is, for better or worse, is highly contagious. Their actions even more. In an emotionally driven workplace, words matter. What you say and communicate to your team can either break them or make them. You need motivation and you need to pass it on to your people.

Motivation is crucial. It pushes people to discover more about themselves. It makes us do more. It stretches our human potentials to maximize our abilities. It wakes us up. It reminds us about our goals. It makes us stand on our toes.  It makes us powerful. An extra motivation can make us realize that in most situations we may not be performing at our peaks levels or optimizing all our internal resources like knowledge, skill and contacts etc. There is always room for improvement. And a little bit of motivation can make us go beyond the boundaries.

When you motivate your people, they raise the bar. You help them set a bigger goal. You awaken their aspirations. You bring in clarity about your organization’s moon shots, and bigger targets. Your gigantic goals may be easy to achieve. Some goals require stretching and growing in order to achieve them. Big goals can be overwhelming but it can be also exciting.

Always remember: Setting a small goal does not excite people. Big goals surely do the magic. Big goals make people think big. You are inspired to take bold moves, and sometimes-small consistent steps towards achieving them. Your motivation can trigger people to optimize their resources. Align their aspirations with organizational vision. Therefore set goals that are nearly impossible but not impossible.

We live in exponential times and sustainability demands exponential growth. Growing linear and slow in certain sectors of businesses is detrimental to its sustenance. Sometimes you have to gear up and get on to the fast lane. And your motivation can act as the daily dose that put them on the fast lane.

If you are number one in your industry, I have bad news for you. Being number one in your industry is a bigger challenging position, because the rest of the market players will gang up to compete with you.  When you are number one in your industry you are also the most targeted. Tell them it’s easy to get there but hard to stay there. Tell your people that we may be number one, but the truth is the number two will always strive harder and work harder to beat us in our game.

Jim Collins said in the good to great that, not all people are your assets, only the right people are. There is always the 80-20 rule when it comes to employee productivity. If you are in sales, you can also remind your team that your 80% results are coming from 20% of people. There need to be more accountability and productivity from the 80% of the people and if you are able to achieve that, the company can grow bigger.

If they are still not driven to achieve more, define your organizational purpose for dominance in your industry and why you are striving for that goal. Tell them it’s a defining moment in your industry, because the market is volatile and if you don’t use the full opportunity presented, you may not even get a second chance to win this game. It is now or never. Go full throttle. Go offensive.

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