How to motivate people at work?

Every human being is motivated by something or for something. We are motivated by ethos, emotion, or logic. We’re motivated for achievement, recognition, or power.

If you are a leader or manager you will know that people are motivated by different reasons and you will realize that you can’t motivate people anymore but you can empower them. Employees have to motivate and empower themselves. However, you can set up an environment where they can motivate and empower themselves. The key is in knowing how to set up the environment for each of your employees.

Motivation is a feeling that can trigger action. Most emotions like revenge, jealousy, fear and passion are all powerful motivators. Like any feeling motivation can be triggered. We rarely do anything we don’t feel good about and it’s very hard to resist things that makes us feel good. We often think of the workplace as less emotional, more formal and serious zone. This is a motivation killer. Thanks to some of the organizations, which has proven this wrong through their culture. People are realizing that the office can be a fun place when they look at the way some of the culture rich organizations are operating. This can happen, hence make your workplace driven by positive feeling, like winning, over coming challenges, conquering and passion etc.

Give meaning to the work you do. When we are purpose driven, there is a force of motivation that can rise above mediocrity. Motivation is the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ we do. It is the motive for action. People are engaged and motivated by why we do things more than what we do. What give life meaning are stories that it unfolds or are developed eventually! What give meaning to work is again stories. In his book ‘Leading Minds: An Anatomy Of Leadership’ Howard Gardner says “stories are the most powerful weapon in the leader’s literary arsenal.” Institutions that can communicate a compelling historical narrative often inspire a special kind of commitment among employees.

Progress is another great motivator. Harvard’s Teresa Amabile‘s research found that nothing is more motivating than progress. A consistent amount of regular considerable success produces much more happiness in the workplace than occasionally bagging an elephant. Encouraging people to reflect on how far they’ve come and the good work they’ve done can act as a catalyst to strive for more.

Bottom-line your employees are motivated by an environment where motivation is more tangible. A great work culture can be a great motivator. Culture is the meaning that you attach to a ritual or a habit. Hence deriving the meaning for your actions is what makes every minute spent more interesting and passionate.

The motivated work culture consists of an environment in which employees are given with the autonomy; they are trusted with their abilities, treated like the adults and respected for their diversity and no bullshit rules except creating value together and enjoying the process.

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