How to do influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is growing. The word of mouth is combined with the word of mouse. Influencer marketing can raise brand awareness, boost visibility, and drive conversions. It’s also a highly effective channel for brands to engage with their audience, and build relationships with them.

Influencers with followers and subscribers are growing day by day along with rich content, reviews advice and tips. As a marketer you can look into how you can build a relationship with influencers who can open doors for you to their audience.

There are few steps to doing influence marketing for your brands

Step one: Know your brand

If you choose to start an influencer marketing campaign; it’s important to know your brand personality, brand message and brand purpose to learn what it is that you ultimately want to convey to your audience.

Step two: Know your customer

Before selecting an influencer, you need to establish clarity on who exactly you are trying to reach. Knowing your target audience is important. An influencer with a large following and high engagement content won’t cut the deal if their post engages with the wrong audience.

Step three: Know your influencer & what they convey

Remember, content is the key to influence people. Listen to your influencers and monitor their content. Content can be creatively done in collaboration with influencers. When you give the influencer the freedom to share unbiased, honest reviews, which means though a product or service is sponsored, the opinions expressed are their own, this will help establish trust in the brand or products amongst the influencers’ audience.

Another way to create great content is to give your influencers something to talk about. Giving them an experience can do this. Brand immersion or experiences provide creative inspiration influencers are looking for; this will align with your brand messaging since you control the atmosphere. Let your influencers have creative control over the campaign. They know their audience the best and the best ways to engage with them.

Once you are clear about your strategy, content and target market, you need to identify possible influencers who embody the spirit of your brand. For example an influencer on giving make-up tips is ideal for a cosmetic company. Remember, through influencer marketing you are reaching out to an influencer’s audience, which could be a whole new opportunity for your brand.

There are influencer marketing platforms like which can connect your brand and message with over 12,000 global influencers. Glambassador empowers brands with the digital equivalent of Word-of-mouth marketing by providing the tools to connect and collaborate with trusted social media influencers.

After identifying few influencers assess the ones that are best suited for you. One of the easiest and tested methods is to make sure their following is actually part of your market. That way, your message gets conveyed to people who will actually have an interest in what you’re promoting.

Many times, an influencer need not be from the same market which your consumers are from, but through a structured content, one can influence a new set of audience which in turn brings in a new set of customers.

When you choose to work with an influencer make sure the influencer hasn’t already endorsed or worked with a competitive product or brand.

Step four: Take action and create a distribution network

Sharing the content through your influencers forms the foundation for you to reach out to people. It is like printing a book with information; that will not help you much until you distribute it well.

Other ways you can engage your audience is to create a conversation, promote sharing, let them shop content, drive them to a brand destination, or crowd source new ideas.

Build a content strategy to extend its usefulness over your whole marketing strategy. Use influencer content in quotes and testimonials. Feature some of the top tier celebrity influencers in your other communication or publicity medium. Even share your content in a dedicated section on your website or emails or newsletters.

Step five: Measure the results

Collect data using technology so that you can use it to optimize your influencer marketing efforts. Based on the output, what resonates with your audience and identifying the best social channels the influencers used for distribution of content, you can actually rank your influencers. Using various measuring metrics and methods will help you to define your success as it ladders to your original goals. As you collect data you can start to use that data to optimize your influencer marketing efforts. You can rank your influencers based on output, what content resonates with your audience, and which of their social channels are best for distribution.

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