How to become a customer centric organization?

All business exists because of its customers. All business grows eventually when more customers are brought in, to serve. Most of the functions of any business are customer acquisition through marketing, and customer retention through excellent service and innovation.

Customer satisfaction alone cannot retain a customer for too long. Customers can find satisfaction with any number of your competitors. What they can’t easily find, however, is a unique emotional experience. In this light, your company may be more associated with a feeling than with a product.

Customer engagement is the key to unlocking long-term customer loyalty. Engaged customers feel emotionally connected to their favorite brands. They may be aware that they could obtain a similar product for a lower price, but their relationship with a certain company makes them willing to spend more. Research in customer satisfaction validates that, without a strong emotional connection, consumers are willing to quit a company as soon as a competitor offers a lower price.

Everything must be built around your customer, right from your marketing strategy.

Remember that your marketing strategy starts, ends, lives and dies with your customer.

So in the development of your marketing strategy, it is absolutely imperative that you prioritize your customer and construct all the strategies around them! When a new parent has a toddler, the infant is the focal point of all their planning and schedules. Similarly, consider your customers as the focal point throughout the process. Customer engagement should not end with a sale deal; the experience continues post sale as well. This in fact will help you to build a better customer base as ‘customer recommendation’ is till considered a very strong medium of sale.

Studies have proven over and again that great customer service exists when there is enough autonomy given to employees. When there is autonomy given to your workforce they can make independent decisions to improve customer experience. They can even break a rule to serve their customers better. As far as customer ‘wow’ is concerned, customers feel exceptional in service when they see an undesignated person doing an undesignated task. When you do what you are aught to do, only expectation is met. When you go above and beyond the call of duty, you are going that extra mile which can surely surprise your customer.

Also great businesses in general make themselves more valuable by providing extra value to their customers.

Grow your company around your customers; with a motivated work force willing to serve their customers 24/7, you can expand your markets to the new heights. Through constant innovation you can add value to your customer experience.

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