Focus on your strengths

Whatever we focus on amplifies.

This is applicable for building our character as well; when we work on strengths it fortifies us and when we work on shortcomings, we create more of it. Simple psychology is, focusing on strengths gives you a sense of pride and thus you operate at ease. On the contrary, focusing on weakness leads to self-doubt and fear; fear grips your natural flow and hence chances of failure is higher. It is a vicious cycle.

All of us are created unique and diversified potential is always a team’s strength. We are all capable of doing something exceptionally well that most others can’t and vice versa. If others cannot do what you do reliably well, then you are dispensable in your career. In order to become indispensible, you need to stay as unique as possible.

If you compete, you might become the number one in your industry but if you stay unique you can dominate your industry. The world we live in is very competitive and people copy success instantly. Therefore you must focus on building your strengths to a level of unmatched excellence. Stay unique. The world pays you more for what you can do better than others.

Understanding your core strengths and acting on them is a re-inventing process. For this, you need to identify those tasks that you can do easily, effortlessly, enjoyably and naturally than most other people.

Focusing on your strengths boosts your confidence. This will also help you to work on your weakness with élan and ease. Researches have proven that when an individual focuses on his or her strengths, the chances of over coming shortcomings are higher; this contributes towards an overall development.

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