April 9, 2019 By Editorial Team 0

Five Elements of Change Management

Organizations, just like living organisms must shred its old skin and reinvent itself from time to time. The forces of rapid change and volatility compel organizations to adapt and change faster. Leaders have to act with agility and steadfastness to stay relevant. Many initiatives like reengineering, rightsizing, restructuring, cultural change, and turnarounds have been introduced to cope up with changing environment.

If we try to understand the change deeply, we will recognize the fact that change is a holistic and natural process. Based on observations of the natural world, ancient Chinese people recognized continuous patterns of transformation and change in the universe. They observed that five elements fire, water, earth, air and wind are responsible for the order and change. If we study these five elements we can also understand how it’s connected to change management.

Fire is an element that drives motivation for change. The fire in the belly is the courage and audacious element to change and responsible for drive and enthusiasm. Finding the motivation to change means maintaining your efforts consistently when it would be easy to give up. It involves doing everything possible to achieve your change goals.

The element of Water gives you the fluidity, flexibility, adaptability and the ability to reinvent an organisation  The fluidity nature helps an organization to adapt itself to the changing environments.

The element of Earth means practicality and embracing reality without resistance. Being earthly rooted gives you the power to execute ideas and translate plans into concrete action.

The element of Air means to be imaginative, exploring possibilities to stay ahead of the curve. It gives you the power to anticipate change and drive change from within. Air makes your aspirations lofty and your efforts worthwhile.

The element of Wind is about speed, agility and moving faster. Wind gives you the ability to cultivate a sense of urgency. When the wind flows in favor or against it, you are guided to make swift decisions to readjust your strategies to achieve the end.

Learn to apply all the five elements of change in your change initiatives. Move with change, navigate change and remember to change before you have to.