Category: Change Management

How to have a disruptor’s mindset?

Disruptors think about creating value for others. They don’t compete with others instead they create unmatched value which will help them dominate the market place. Disruptors target on an unmet need; they deviate from the mainstream and find new streams of value creation and revenue generation. You too can be a disruptor if you develop […]

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What is ‘Experience Fixation’ and how it can hamper your growth?

We can get wiser by experience but on the other hand we can get fixated on something while negating the usefulness of anything new. Experience Fixation is fundamentally getting fixated on to something that is old and familiar, and choosing to dislike other things that are not in accordance with their previous liking. For example, we get […]

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Five Elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Wind) of Change Management

Organizations, just like living organisms must shred its old skin and reinvent itself from time to time. The forces of rapid change and volatility compel organizations to adapt and change faster. Leaders have to act with agility and steadfastness to stay relevant. Many initiatives like reengineering, rightsizing, restructuring, cultural change, and turnarounds have been introduced […]

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