Author: Positive Revolution

Why leadership is more an act of listening to your people?

Great leaders are good listeners; they pay attention to their people’s ideas Great leaders are good listeners. They are no more the answering machines, which means, people with all the answers; instead they are the questioning machines, i.e. people who can lead with questions and get answers from their followers. Today’s knowledge workers are capable […]

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Entrepreneurial Dilemma: Security Vs Opportunity

Do you seek opportunity or security in life? Entrepreneurs always look for opportunity while others seek security. Not all the opportunities are obvious. There are hidden opportunities and often they are wrapped up with problems. Entrepreneurs spot problems as opportunities. Many people will shy away from problems and run away from challenges while entrepreneurs on […]

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How to become a customer centric organization?

 All business exists because of its customers. All business grows eventually when more customers are brought in, to serve. Most of the functions of any business are customer acquisition through marketing, and customer retention through excellent service and innovation. Customer satisfaction alone cannot retain a customer for too long. Customers can find satisfaction with any […]

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